The Spirit Led Church

The Spirit-Led Church

by Pastor Stephen Fraser

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About the Book

The Church-at-large is experencing an identity crisis. Many pastors and congregations are trying desperately to keep up with trends and stay relevant in this high-tech generation—the likes of which we have never seen before. "Experts" on church growth have offered solutions that have caused some churches to swell to mega-church status, while other churches continue to struggle to find their identity. In this book, Stephen Fraser dispels much of the false narrative on church growth and provides simple, timetested truths that make every church a successfull church

Church the Way God Intended


“Pastor Stephen Fraser has written a classic on the subject of “The Spirit-Led Church”. He has tapped into a truth that needs to be heard, especially for pastors and leaders. This is a must read. Read it, absorb it and apply the words that flow with wisdom from God’s Word. There are so many profound truths in this book that you may not take it all in at once. It would be good to read it and re-read it until you get the revelation of the truth about the Spirit led church.”

—Dr. Pat Harrison, co-founder of Harrison House Publishing and FCF International, Tulsa, Oklahoma

In this life we have ways of how we measure the success of something. Typically we do so by numbers. To gauge success we employ the process of counting. How much money do you have? How many homes, cars, etc. Even in the church world this same measurement system is used to determine the success of any given church or ministry. How many people do you have? How many campuses? How many does your facility accommodate? How many, how many, how many.

But I believe that heaven also has its own measurement system for the success of our kingdom efforts. Yet its measurement system is very different from ours. Heaven would measure not by counting but by considering the weight of a work. And the weightiness is determined by how much of the Spirit of God it contains. It is not about how many but how much. How much room has been made for His presence and the liberty for Him to make Himself known.

Pastor Stephen has had his finger on the pulse of what it takes to build an atmosphere for the presence of God as well as raise up a group of people trained in the ways of the Spirit of God. His church stands out as an apostolic and prophetic Spirit-led house of worship that is affecting its city, its region, its nation and is sending people out into the nations. What is contained in the pages of this book has come from what he and his wife Jeanne have sown their lives to build. It comes out of the intimate fellowship of God the Holy Spirit. Therefore this book is aptly named, The Spirit-Led Church.

—Dr. Mary Frances Varallo, founder of Mary Frances Varallo Ministries and author of Dare to Declare, Nashville, Tennessee

It was a pleasure reviewing Pastor Stephen’s new book, The Spirit-Led Church. Stephen has thought through some of the really tough questions of ministry and encourages his readers to do the same. Stephen writes with conviction and courage as he seeks to follow and implement Jesus’ plans for His church.

—Tony Cooke, Bible Teacher and Author

About the Author

Pastor Stephen Fraser

Stephen Fraser

Stephen Fraser is the senior pastor of Life of Faith Bible Church in Louisville, Kentucky—a church he founded in 1994. As a television host and evangelist, Pastor Fraser ministers daily through the “Living the Life” broadcast. He is also the author of several books that bring fresh revelation to controversial subjects. Both he and his wife, Jeanne, minister with a powerful prophetic voice, while demonstrating the miraculous power of the Gospel.