The Scriptures

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God.

The Godhead

We believe God is One, but manifested in three Persons - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Water Baptism

The ordinance of water baptism is a symbol of our identification with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection from the dead.

Holy Spirit Baptism

The baptism in the Holy Spirit is a gift from God as promised by Jesus Christ to all believers and is subsequent to the New Birth.

Divine Healing

Healing is for the physical and mental ills of the human body and is brought about by the power of God through faith and, if necessary, through the laying on of hands.

Resurrection of the Just

As it is written in the Book of Revelation, after the Tribulation, Jesus shall return to earth as King of kings and Lord of lords, and together with the saints, He shall reign.